Charles Campbell

Biking with helmet


I was born and raised in Vermont.  I graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in history and political science.  I went to work on Capitol Hill for two years until I figured out that politics was not for me.  I moved to Colorado and taught skiing to kids at Copper Mtn. (much more fun) for four winter seasons. When  I broke my ankle white water rafting in West Virginia, I decided I should find a “real job”.  While convalescing, I worked on a business plan for a restaurant and in 1988 my wife and I created, owned and operated, two Cowboy Cafés for nearly 20 years. Along the way, we raised a son and daughter that seem to have successfully navigated APS, then college, and now we are empty-nesters.  My wife, Julie, has been a fifth-grade teacher in Arlington for 18 years and for the last four and half years I have taught third, fifth, and seventh graders science at the Outdoor Lab. I love my new 6-minute commute and am looking forward to working with the fifth-grade team at McKinley.