2nd Grade

stack of 4 booksLearning: 2nd grade is when APS begins its one to one device program.  Each child is given an iPad for instructional use during the school day. During the year students learn about Native American tribes, the contributions of multiple famous Americans, US geography and being a good citizen.  Students start reading for meaning and work on addition and subtraction fact fluency.   All year long the grade level works on building a learning community where we are kind, courteous and cooperative.

box of crayons boy in backrgound

Trips: 2nd grade visits the APS planetarium, they take a trip to an art museum, the U.S. Botanic Gardens and a visit is made from the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation.

Activities: In 2nd grade, students work on projects;  book projects, animal research projects, and an iPad projects that result in a showcase.